Friday, June 5, 2009

Making progress

Lex has gone to speech therapy 3 times so far and he's already making progress. His therapist Jack has noticed that with very little prompting now Lex will look us in the eyes to get what he wants. We are working on trying to teach him the sign for more and to do more back and forth play per recommendations of the therapist. I hope this means we are getting closer to words but I just don't know. Jack also said we'll be having Lex see Sheila who does the occupational therapy.

Little man went to see his pediatrician this week and she confirmed the he probably does have seasonal allergies so she advised we give him Zyrtec at least once daily so his eyes don't swell closed. I knew he was like me, most of my allergy symptoms are in my eyes.

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Sarah R said...

Yay for progress! I have heard so many success stories from people whose tots have gone through speech therapy. ;)