Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Been a long while

Now that I finally have access to a computer regularly again it's time for some updates.

My divorce was finalized on 12/29. I still have troubles with Nate because I'm connected to him forever because of Lex but I will refrain from bashing him.

I was evicted in mid-January so now we are living with my parents until I can get my financial house in order. While this is not always the easiest living situation I'm incredibly grateful that they took us back in.

I have two jobs, one as a resident care assistant in a group home on weekends and the other as a personal care assistant. They aren't my ideal jobs but they are income. I really like the group home since my clients there are awesome but it's so hard finding sitters on weekends I have Lex. My manager there has agreed to give me 32 hours in a weekend every other weekend so I can have weekends with Lex off.

Lex is talking like crazy and growing like a weed. I would say he's nearing 150 words and has several short sentences or short phrases he uses frequently. He is also starting to show signs that he wants to read. Whenever we pull up to a stop sign he says "S-T-O-P, stop!" He also insists on me reading to him either 3 stories or until he's asleep at night. He is very accustomed to his routine here so now the big thing is convincing him that using the toilet is what he's supposed to do. Some days he's willing to sit for a little while, other days (like today) it becomes a battle of wills and he spends the whole time fighting me and screaming. I get a lot of good notes home from school and at daycare she said he's improving. He is a ladies' man at daycare. One girl said she's going to marry him and her little sister just adores Lex and he loves to play with her and is even willing to share his cars with her when he won't share them with anyone else.