Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Long time no post

There have been so many changes in my life since the last time I was able to post (no internet at home the last few months).

Nate is living with us again and our divorce has been cancelled. Things are still tough frequently but we are working on it.He is employed and helping around the house with less reminders so I'm more confident that with time and effort we can make things work.

Lex is growing and blossoming everyday just like the sunflowers we planted for Mother's day. He started speech therapy at Scottish Rite and with the help and patience of Miss Tamara he is saying more words and using more signs with regularity. If I had to guess I would say he has no less than 50-75 words now, a massive increase from just a year ago. He is also showing growth in places he has been delayed, he is attending to tasks, using his utensils and even helping me clean up when we take out toys. He finished his first year of school last week and we did the IEP for next year. His teacher, speech therapist and occupational therapist were all very impressed with his gains and absolutely enjoy having him in class. His teacher sent home a toy microphone on the last day with a note on it telling him he has a beautiful voice, I love his school. One of my favorite things Lex learned was the letters in his name and how to spell it. Admittedly it isn't his birth name (Alexander is a few too many letters and difficult to navigate not to mention we almost never call him Alexander) but hearing him say "L-E-X" and showing me the letters is adorable. We are working on writing the letters but he recognizes them. Our big goal before next school year is potty training, he shows little interest except when I attempt to put him in a diaper (long trips out of the house or at bedtime) so I'm hoping with the assistance of daycare he'll get there sooner than later.

I've been doing alright, logging lots of time at work, not as much time or effort with exercise but all in all still good. We've entered the busy time at work with lots of school physicals coming in and lots of kids needing shots but I love it. Giving shots is one of the things I do best (not just my opinion I've been told that many times) so I really look forward to this time of year not to mention who could pass up seeing lots of cute almost kindergarten age kids?