Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Why single parenting works... for me

I feel like I need to put a disclaimer here. Nate and I have separated again but this isn't meant to be a slam against him. He is a wonderful father to Lex but he and I couldn't find common ground to continue being partners in life.

But back to my original point single parenting works for me. The good and the bad, the easy and difficult, it all falls in my lap and while sometimes I wish there was a second adult around to handle things or to free me up to handle them I am making it work. I tend to have a very take charge attitude to get things done from cleaning to getting Lex out the door on time. Without another adult here it can be difficult but at the same time it seems easier. I don't have high expectations that won't be met, I know what my capabilities are and what will be done when.There is no hoping that dishes will have been washed while I was at work, unless my cats suddenly learn how to do the dishes, because they are my responsibility and I know that they'll get done when I have time.
I get to enjoy all the positives that come with single parenting, snuggles on the couch, kisses for getting a sippy cup of milk and endless laughs. Tonight was a great example of that. It was raining when I picked up Lex from daycare so we scurried to the car. Upon returning home Lex climbed out of the car and raced to the nearest puddle giggling the whole time. I coaxed him into the house long enough to get the dog on the leash and out the door again where Lex and I got to stomp in puddles while the dog whimpered because he doesn't like being outside when it's sunny and really doesn't like the rain. It was a battle to get Lex to come back in so I could make dinner and clean but I did it and he didn't stay mad at me for long. We ate and played and eventually he came into the kitchen and grabbed my hand to pull me away from the cleaning so we could snuggle before he fell asleep. I treasure these moments.