Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Our life has been full of changes lately.

Nate's employer was bought out and we were told in order for him to keep his job we'd have to move 4 hours south. After much thought and a small argument we decided staying here was in our best interest.

I'm losing weight like crazy due to the help bye.tta gives me and the fact that I am trying really hard to work out daily. I even got the EA Sports act.ive today in hopes that will motivate me more. Overall I'm down 17 pounds since April by my scale, I'll see what the one at the dr office says on the 31st.

My favorite doctor in the whole world left the family practice I go to. I hope she has much success in her future endeavors. Dr S is absolutely wonderful, she was the resident when my induction with Lex was started and because of that wonderful experience of her sitting and watching Scrubs with us she was my family practice doc after my last one graduated. I see a new one on the 31st that I've heard good things about.

Lex is now going to be getting his speech therapy through the birth to 3 program. My little man is approximately 9 months behind on his vocal speech and a little less than that on other skills. I have high hopes for this change because they asked us what we wanted him to accomplish in 6 months and then how often we thought he should have therapy. His therapist will see him twice a week, once with us and once at daycare. They also gave us several ideas for us to work on things at home.

According to his OT evaluation at St Luke's he has a sensory processing disorder but the OT for birth to 3 thought it was more behavioral. While I can see her point I also look at the scores of the test she had me fill out and he is borderline for "performance at risk" on most of the sensory processing skills and actually at risk for his auditory processing. We'll see what time and hard work will do for him.

My baby is no longer a baby, he is definitely turning into a little kid. We have been venturing to a bigger park near our house and he likes to sit on the "big kid" swings and go down slides without me (good thing too I get sea sick going down the twisty slides). I'm really proud of my little guy and every day is a new adventure with him.