Monday, August 25, 2008

Not so many answers, apparently

My thyroid results came back Friday and I'm within my clinic's definition of normal, but just barely (their definition of hypothyroid is 4.7 or higher and I'm 4.5 and that's lower than the 6.36 I was in April) so my doc is running thyroid antibodies. I was drawn today and she'll get the results in a week when she's back from vacation (since she's a resident the supervisors tell them when to go on vacation and even though she just got back from maternity leave). I almost want to make an appointment to see her next week because of my extended cycle again (cd 57 or some crap like that...) and I have questions about my emotional state.

I am worried about my boy's bottom. Lex has been teething and this has resulted in an awful diaper rash that won't go away, poor guy is raw and nothing I've done has helped. But being the happy go lucky guy he is you'd never know his butt looks so awful.

We went to visit Linn this weekend and she spoiled us rotten (and I say us because she basically saved us a winter's worth of clothing costs for him). She bought him lots of outfits, some toys and some other things I wanted for him. She also bought him strid.e rit.e shoes, something he would never have if it weren't for her. I can't see paying $50 for something he'll outgrow quickly but I appreciated it.

This weekend is Steph and Dustin's wedding and I can't wait for it to be over, it's exciting but so expensive with the hair, limo and nails.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Finally some answers

I saw Dr Spengler today to recheck my thyroid and aparently I've been hypothyroid since my last test in April. Based on the results from today's draw she will give me my starting dose of synthroid. I'm glad that she was taking me serious especially when she heard about how symptomatic I am.

Lex is teething, he has two coming in and he's making me bonkers! One minute he's sweet and clingy the next he's screaming and crying and fighting to get away only to want to come back a minute later... I can't wait until all those darn teeth come in.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Real Quick

I have the newest pictures of Lex up on his blog which is also under my profile, take a look if you feel so inclined.

Friday, August 15, 2008

I was tagged

The rules of tag are:

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1. Even though I work in the medical field I would love to go on to teaching elementary school.

2. I love swimming in Lake Superior no matter how cold the water is.

3. If I had my way my son would never go to daycare.

4. I've been roller skating since I was 18 months old at the same roller rink.

5. I don't want to have any daughters, I'd much rather be a boy mom.

6. I'm addicted to medical shows.

I'm not gonna tag anyone because I'm lazy....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I don't understand why when I post an answer about the chicken pox vaccine on a board I get flamed for vaccinating my child and being aware of why he should get this vaccine and yet when a second person posts almost word for word my response nothing happens. I have friends who are delaying vaccines and others that are skipping them completely but I can't do that to Lex because I work in a setting where I can bring anything and everything home with me. Ugh!

Add that I'm already feeling crappy, exhausted unable to sleep well, Lex being a handful and you get a big balling mess, maybe I need to go back on celexa...

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Feeling blessed

I emailed my mom to see if she could watch Lex next weekend while I am at work and she replied telling me that it was a silly question and of course he could come over. This is the same woman who wasn't sure she wanted to be a grandmother until she held him for the first time. I love seeing my boy with his grandparents (both sets) because they show just how much they love him. The weekend of the 23rd he is going to see his other set of grandparents because I am going to a concert down there and I know they are super excited to see him again. I'm hoping that while he and I are down there we can run to the Mall of America and get him an outfit for the wedding the weekend after. He's my spoiled little angel and I love every minute of it!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Added help

Since Nate was given orlistat at his visit with Dr. Avello I wanted to give it a shot too so being the loving husband he is he went out and got me alli. It's the same pill just at half the dose thus making it otc. I took my first pill with dinner and since we are starting to eat a lower carb diet and I try to work out a couple times a week I'm hoping this will just be an added boost. There's only 3 weeks until my cousins wedding and I hope to be down 10 or so pounds and make that dress look pretty decent. Nate has warned me about the side effect he has been experiencing but I think I can handle it.

Yesterday I had the most painful pelvic exam I've ever had. I went to urgent care thinking I had yet another uti (story of my life) and ended up having a pelvic because my urine didn't show signs of infection. Turns out I have another yeast infection, so damn frustrating because I never had them before I got pregnant but now I have them every couple of months. Maybe I need to eat more yogurt.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Rainy days

Have you ever felt like the weather? Today is one of those days for me. This morning it was kind of nice and I was in a pretty good mood despite being exhausted from having to pick up Nate late last night and Lex not wanting to go back to bed when we got home. This evening even though it's pretty decent I'm weepy and we have some isolated thunderstorms. I don't really know why I feel so weepy. Part of it might be reading posts about pregnancy, even though my friends who are pregnant are wonderful women and mothers I still hope some day we may be blessed enough to have another child even though being on cycle day 36 makes me doubt that.

Nate saw Dr Avello again today and he was placed on a fat blocker and told to start a low carb diet. I know this is good for him because it will prevent him from getting worse with his liver but I'm jealous. He has a doctor that will offer him some help in losing weight where I've been trying to lose weight since Lex was born almost 10 months ago and I've been left to struggle. We'll both be going on the low carb diet since it's recommended for PCOS too. I go see my new doctor on the 19th to check my thyroid again and I'm going to ask about seeing the endocrinologist, hopefully she'll be willing to give me the referral.

We found out we have to move in 3-6 months. We don't have anything lined up which is driving me nuts. We are hoping to get the financing for a house, but we don't have that great of credit. I'm afraid that we won't find anything and we'll be out on the street.

My cousin's bachelorette party was pretty fun, I got so sunburnt so that a week later I started peeling and now I itch like crazy, my shins look like a snake.