Monday, May 11, 2009

Talk to me baby

Today was Lex's evaluation at speech therapy. I went in half expecting to be told to be patient that boys are just slow to start really talking and lo and behold my concerns were found to be valid. After just a few minutes of talking to me and watching Lex play in her office the evaluator said he's a sensory kid, which is why he likes to make loud noises and bang on things. She recommended speech therapy and possibly a little occupational therapy for him. She also gave him a couple websites that I have to go to to look up information on language development and apraxia. While Lex is too young to have the diagnosis of apraxia she wanted me to know what to look for as signs. She is also asking our dr's office to run a tympanogram (test to see how well his ear drums work) and to check his tonsills really well. After some discussion with Nate we have decided to take him to the speech therapist at St Luke's and I'm contemplating calling the birth to 3 program to do a double handed approach to his therapy. She recommended teaching him sign language too as a way for him to communicate his needs a little better.

While I feel a little better about the fact he doesn't talk and that we are headed in the right direction I feel like crap that no one listened to my concerns earlier...

Monday, May 4, 2009


All it took was a little bitching on my behalf and then logging my food into fitday to realize where I was making my mistakes. I was eating waaaay to many calories. Ideally I should be averaging about 1500 so that I have energy to exercise and not send my body into starvation mode and I was getting way more than that. But since I realized that on Saturday night I've been better at watching what I eat and have made it down to 190. Just have to lose one pound before the 9th to make my goal of being below 190 for Jenna's shower, but hopefully I lose at least 2 before then. I'm very proud of myself though, I've worked out every day since my dietician appt last Monday and I can see a small change in my thighs already (I do a lot of yoga and things like squats and lunges during my workout).

Lex has been so cute the past couple days all snuggly and happy with me. Just now he was resting his head on my knee so he could watch one of his two favorite movies (he LOVES the Ice Age movies, we'll be taking him to the new one in July, I'm sure he'll do wonderfully since he is just enamored with these movies).

On the job front my new manager, Jordan, called on Saturday to see if I could cover an urgent care (I couldn't, I just got Lex back from my in-laws and didn't really want to work) and he notified me that he told HR to offer me the position that I wanted. So now I have a home clinic! No more float work! I'm so excited and I've gotten many congrats from the people I work with, they are happy I'm sticking around and so am I.

Friday, May 1, 2009

So frustrating!

Ok I know I'm sorta pushing it but cripes you'd think I would have dropped some weight this week. I saw the dietician on Monday and she has me doing food and activity logs with some goals in mind (my current goals for the next 3 weeks are smaller portion sizes, doing the logs, chocolate limited to 2-3 times/week and at least 30 minutes of activity 5 times a week) and I would say I've been doing pretty well to meet my goals but cripes I've only lost maybe a pound for my efforts. I weigh in on my wii fit daily so I can do my body test and while the number isn't as good as it was on Monday (when I hadn't been eating all last week due to a stomach bug) I just can't seem to break the 192 mark and since my goal is to be below 190 for my neice's shower on the 9th it's pretty important to me to get below 192 in the first place. Deep down I know I need to be patient but it's frustrating me to no end, especially knowing I really work hard when I'm exercising and I'm drinking so much water as not to confuse thirst for hunger. Hopefully I can reach my goal of a 50 pound loss by the end of the year so we can start trying for baby number 2 again. (I really need to lose 60-72 pounds overall but it takes me so long to get preggers I figure I can work on losing that last 10-22 while we try.)

In other news I applied to be in a permanent clinical assistant position that I'm currently filling as a float and the doc all but told me she wanted me to stay. I'm hoping to get a call in the next couple days from the manager to say it's official but seeing as he left yesterday before the interview and we aren't in clinic today I probably won't get the thumbs up until next week sometime (hopefully in time for my birthday).