Monday, May 4, 2009


All it took was a little bitching on my behalf and then logging my food into fitday to realize where I was making my mistakes. I was eating waaaay to many calories. Ideally I should be averaging about 1500 so that I have energy to exercise and not send my body into starvation mode and I was getting way more than that. But since I realized that on Saturday night I've been better at watching what I eat and have made it down to 190. Just have to lose one pound before the 9th to make my goal of being below 190 for Jenna's shower, but hopefully I lose at least 2 before then. I'm very proud of myself though, I've worked out every day since my dietician appt last Monday and I can see a small change in my thighs already (I do a lot of yoga and things like squats and lunges during my workout).

Lex has been so cute the past couple days all snuggly and happy with me. Just now he was resting his head on my knee so he could watch one of his two favorite movies (he LOVES the Ice Age movies, we'll be taking him to the new one in July, I'm sure he'll do wonderfully since he is just enamored with these movies).

On the job front my new manager, Jordan, called on Saturday to see if I could cover an urgent care (I couldn't, I just got Lex back from my in-laws and didn't really want to work) and he notified me that he told HR to offer me the position that I wanted. So now I have a home clinic! No more float work! I'm so excited and I've gotten many congrats from the people I work with, they are happy I'm sticking around and so am I.

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Sarah R said...

Yay for progress! Baby steps--you're doing a great job, Cate! I know you can keep up and reach your goal.

Also, congratulations on the job! :)