Monday, August 25, 2008

Not so many answers, apparently

My thyroid results came back Friday and I'm within my clinic's definition of normal, but just barely (their definition of hypothyroid is 4.7 or higher and I'm 4.5 and that's lower than the 6.36 I was in April) so my doc is running thyroid antibodies. I was drawn today and she'll get the results in a week when she's back from vacation (since she's a resident the supervisors tell them when to go on vacation and even though she just got back from maternity leave). I almost want to make an appointment to see her next week because of my extended cycle again (cd 57 or some crap like that...) and I have questions about my emotional state.

I am worried about my boy's bottom. Lex has been teething and this has resulted in an awful diaper rash that won't go away, poor guy is raw and nothing I've done has helped. But being the happy go lucky guy he is you'd never know his butt looks so awful.

We went to visit Linn this weekend and she spoiled us rotten (and I say us because she basically saved us a winter's worth of clothing costs for him). She bought him lots of outfits, some toys and some other things I wanted for him. She also bought him strid.e rit.e shoes, something he would never have if it weren't for her. I can't see paying $50 for something he'll outgrow quickly but I appreciated it.

This weekend is Steph and Dustin's wedding and I can't wait for it to be over, it's exciting but so expensive with the hair, limo and nails.

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Michelle said...

A little baking soda in Lex's bath might help with the rash.