Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Finally some answers

I saw Dr Spengler today to recheck my thyroid and aparently I've been hypothyroid since my last test in April. Based on the results from today's draw she will give me my starting dose of synthroid. I'm glad that she was taking me serious especially when she heard about how symptomatic I am.

Lex is teething, he has two coming in and he's making me bonkers! One minute he's sweet and clingy the next he's screaming and crying and fighting to get away only to want to come back a minute later... I can't wait until all those darn teeth come in.


Michelle said...

if I can ask... what were your symptoms?

Cate said...

Lots of fatigue, muscle cramps, impossible to lose weight, kept gaining despite my weight loss efforts, depression and no libido.