Friday, August 8, 2008

Added help

Since Nate was given orlistat at his visit with Dr. Avello I wanted to give it a shot too so being the loving husband he is he went out and got me alli. It's the same pill just at half the dose thus making it otc. I took my first pill with dinner and since we are starting to eat a lower carb diet and I try to work out a couple times a week I'm hoping this will just be an added boost. There's only 3 weeks until my cousins wedding and I hope to be down 10 or so pounds and make that dress look pretty decent. Nate has warned me about the side effect he has been experiencing but I think I can handle it.

Yesterday I had the most painful pelvic exam I've ever had. I went to urgent care thinking I had yet another uti (story of my life) and ended up having a pelvic because my urine didn't show signs of infection. Turns out I have another yeast infection, so damn frustrating because I never had them before I got pregnant but now I have them every couple of months. Maybe I need to eat more yogurt.

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