Friday, June 19, 2009

Some answers finally

I got a call back from Dr. Sprengler regarding my T3 and T4 levels and they were normal. This kind of threw her for a loop so she told me she was going to talk to the endocrinologist to find out what he would recommend. Today I was prescribed synth.roid and I'll check in with her in a couple of weeks to let her know how I'm doing. I hope this helps. Now I just need to keep up on the exercise since I've taken a couple days off to let my shoulder heal a bit. I haven't been eating as well but tomorrow I'm going grocery shopping so I'll have some more fresh fruit to snack on.

I'd like to make a request. If you are the praying type could you keep my brother and uncle in your prayers? They are both named Karl, my brother is heading to Afghanistan next month as a medic and my uncle is in Iraq as a communications specialist. I know they are doing their jobs for the country but I do worry. My brother worries me the most since as a medic he has to go off the base all the time whereas my uncle kind of stays put. My Aunt Jen (Uncle Karl's beautiful wife) has been so supportive even though she's the one that needs supporting. My parents are very worried about my brother and are regretting ever telling him that the Army would be good for him. Thanks in advance.

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Sarah R said...

Glad you got some answers. Will also keep your brother and uncle in my prayers!