Sunday, June 28, 2009

Worry wart

I'm so worried about Lex's language skills even though we have him in speech therapy. I realized today I haven't heard him say hi or bye in a while (something he used to do anytime anyone waved to him) and he's only said Mama once in the past few weeks, when he fell down and skinned his elbow. He still babbles all the time and we "force" eye contact when we hand him things in that he has to look us in the eyes before he gets what he wants. I just don't know what to do to help him. I bought some cards with pictures and words on it to hopefully help in our understanding him and I try to get him to use his signs or words but it doesn't always work.

Who knew this Mommy thing would make me such a worry wart and slightly neurotic???

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nancy said...

being a mommy is just scary. We say we know all kids grow on their own schedules, yet when something doesn't seem normal, we obsess.

Allow speech therapy to do it's thing. It's not automatic and they would be saying something if it wasn't going as planned. I know it's very tough to do, but relax and know you are already doing right for him. If you do end up feeling off somehow, ask questions - take him for second opinions - do the leg work. You'll most likely get back to just where you are, but feeling better about it could be something you need.


Lex is a beautiful boy who will do things on his time. I just know it.