Saturday, June 27, 2009

Why I love bye.tta... and other ramblings.

I've been on by.etta for 4 days and I've dropped a little more than 3 pounds with very little effort. I was told by the diabetic educator that on average her patients lose about 10-15 pounds in the first month of being on it. Then you add that I'm finally adjusting to synth.roid and I'm feeling pretty good. I need to get back on the wagon as far as exercise goes but that would require me actually getting up earlier than Lex most mornings.

Speaking of Lex my son it a nutcase. He went from sleeping until 8 most mornings to getting up no later than 6 and refusing to go to bed at his normal time. All I can figure is the sunlight is affecting his sleeping patterns because we have been outside more than normal due to nice weather (they have been at daycare too). He's also been a little harder for Nate to deal with, he tends to act out when his daddy is around. A prime example is what's going on right now, he runs up and shuts off the tv and cable box, Nate tells him no, removes him and turns them back on, and repeat. They missed speech therapy the other day because after I left for work Lex had a meltdown and they didn't make it out to the bus in time.

Tomorrow is my 6th wedding anniversary. Nate and I have our ups and downs but we have lasted this long so we can make it longer. I love my hubby, faults and all.


D said...

Happy Anniversary!
Ah the joys of toddlers, reminds me of Peyton and Bella's tv battle this afternoon!

D said...

Ah Toddler fun! Peyton and Bella had a fight over weather or not the tv should be on this afternoon.

Happy Anniversary!!!