Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Let's play a game.

The name of the game is "What's wrong with Cate?"

Today I woke up like normal and started getting ready for work. While I was blow drying my hair I felt my muscle in my left shoulder lock up and then my hand got numb. This meant no work for me today. I went in and saw Dr. S in the sam practice as my favorite Dr. Sprengler and he gave me two injections of lidocaine to hopefully loosen up the muscle. It helped take of the edge for a little while but I am still pretty sore and took a muscle relaxer and pain killer to hopefully help a bit more.

I also asked about the results of the bloodwork I had drawn on the 6th since I'm impatient and hadn't gotten my letter yet. My hemoglobin A1c was great at 5.0 (this is how my blood sugar control has been for the last 3 months), my fasting glucose was 85 (again perfect), my lipids (cholesterol panel) were okay; I need to lower my triglycerides but no surprise there, the big surprise was my thyroid, I'm hypothyroid again, it was a massive swing from October when it was checked last. In October my result was 1.03 which is very normal, this last one was 5.83 (normal range goes to 4.0). So Dr. S said he'd tell Dr Sprengler he notified me of the results and ordered up the T4 and free thyroid to see what was going on with my thyroid this time. But in his feeling he thought I was just going to hypothyroid and eventually need medication. I should have guessed something was up since I've been exhausted lately but I chalked it up to lack of exercise, less than stellar diet and working more. I have a feeling synthroid is in my future.

Nate has been wonderful since school has gotten out for the summer. He takes Lex to speech therapy (and soon occupational therapy) and he's been helping with housework, making it so much easier for me to come home from work and play with Lex. He's taking tonight off to help me with Lex since I can barely carry my purse so I doubt that I could put him in the crib at night. I know sometimes I get down on him but he's a wonderful guy and I'm lucky to have him.

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Sarah R said...

I'm sorry, sweets! I hope they can regulate that for you. *hugs* I just want everything to be right for you!