Saturday, April 24, 2010


It's another dreary day here in Souptown but at least it's finally raining like we needed. Normally on dreary days I like to curl up and catch up on my friends' blogs and sometimes even comment (I really am horrible at commenting I can't think of things to say most times and when I can I often ramble... just like this). I've been using this dreary Saturday to catch up on the housework that was neglected while I was sick this week and to think about things I really wish I could do.

The first thing would be to become better at taking pictures. I really love to take pictures but I lack the talent or skill to take really wonderful pictures. I get lucky here or there but most of my pictures lack the special something that makes them pop. It's not that I don't have a wonderful subject because Lex is so dynamic when it comes to his expressions that no two pictures would ever be the same. I mean just look at this kid.

You can't get much cuter than Lex in the tub except when he's on his trampoline or in the park.

Another thing I wish for is more time with Lex. I get to spend the better part of my time with Lex but I do work around 32 hours a week and most weeks that seems like too much. He is very much a Mama's boy and when we are home together it is mostly just him and I, the way it has been most of his life. We were very lucky for the almost the first year of his life Nate and I worked opposite schedules so someone would almost always be home with Lex or he went to spend time with his Nana and Papa (or Grandma and Grandpa if they were in town). At 11 months old he was enrolled in his first daycare because Nate went back to school and I was working almost full time. We are still pretty lucky because he is in a daycare where I know the teachers care about him and the owner of the daycare knows who he is in spite of the large number of kids enrolled there, but I wish there was more opportunity for me to spend time with him.

I wish that rather than kindergarten in a few years we would be doing homeschooling. Don't get me wrong I loved being in public school but with his special needs I tend to feel that he needs more one on one time to grasp the same things other kids get quickly. He's very smart but terribly strong willed. I can tell him 3 dozen times that it is not alright to climb on the tv stand and remove him every time and try to redirect him (punishments do not typically work, he doesn't really grasp why he's being put in a corner and I do not believe in spanking him unless it's absolutely called for, ie endangering his limb or life) but he will keep doing it until he's bored of it. Who knows when we start working with the school district this fall for his speech and occupational therapy I may change my mind completely, it's been known to happen.

I wish I had the capability to teach his daycare teachers what works and what doesn't for him. They are really struggling with Lex because he is not the typical 2 year old but he has a lot of the same mentality of a terrible 2. Developmentally he is roughly 18 months old even if physically he is 2 1/2 years. The move back down to the 18 - 23 month classroom with be good for him and better for his teachers. Miss Dani and Miss Lisa are very familiar with Lex and he loves them immensely. Miss Lisa has been pulled in the past to coax him down for a nap so I'm sure he'll be much more comfortable when he gets back to that room.

There are only two more things that I wish for, one that's highly unlikely and one that will probably happen down the road. The first is to have at least one more child, this is the unlikely one. My PCOS seems more out of control than before I had Lex and it's just not financially feasible to spend the amount of money we spent conceiving Lex given all the speech and occupational therapy bills we have to pay. Not to mention my desire to go back to school to become an M.D. The second thing I wish for is a dishwasher... I know it's ridiculous but good grief I hate washing dishes and sippy cups are the worst. Our sink in our apartment makes doing dishes particularly awful given that it is very shallow and only has one bowl to it.


Elana said...

Lex is just so darned cute!!!! What a honey. I really hope you can get your PCOS under control. The one thing I can suggest is a supplement called Femaprin. I take it and have ovulated on day 16 or 17 for 3 months in a row. Absolutely shocking for me, who usually has crazy unpredictable cycles and can ovulated anywhere from day 18 to 28. :-)

As for a dishwasher, they are pretty awesome and I hope you can get one soon!

Sarah R said...

You definitely need to take more pics of that adorable boy! He's gotten so big!

I keep hoping for good news for you -- I would love nothing more than to see you post that you got a BFP. I'll continue to keep you in my thoughts!