Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Weight lifted.

Today Lex's teachers helped lift a weight off my shoulders. We met with them to discuss Lex's diagnosis and what we can do to help them and what they can do to help us.

We started off notifying them that we know about Lex's penchant for misbehavior and that it was okay to use a heavier hand with him than they would with the other kids and giving them how we treat such behaviors at home because we want to keep that a level playing field. I informed them of Lex's diagnosis and what his signs and symptoms at home are and they shared what his are there. My new assignment is to come up with some information for them about what Autism is and what we can do to help Lex become a participating member of his class. We tried to reassure them that he can be part of the class when he wants to be and to definitely keep up with any brushing techniques that his O.T. has taught them to help bring him around to being a more focused kid. They are also going to look into getting a tent for his classroom to give him a place to retreat when he is too sensory overloaded. All in all I feel better about the situation even if it means I need to sit down and do some homework.

Another bright spot of today is realizing that Lex is starting to show some affection not only to me but to his books. He has a baby sign language book and it has a picture of a baby that's crying and he kisses the baby better. Today while he was watching his "music videos" on youtube he leaned over and gave me several kisses on my arm where I had a mole removed, it melted my heart.

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