Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nothing on the u/s

I had absolutely no follicles just my usual small cysts. This is incredibly frustrating.

After much thought and some discussion with Nate we've decided to hold off on further treatment until approximately Lex's birthday (October) in hopes that I can lose some weight and get healthy so that the process might be easier and then a subsequent pregnancy will be healthier than one would be right now. This also gives us time to set up a little savings to pay for treatment and hopefully a house.

The current plan of action involves me seeing my doctor in two weeks to discuss weight loss options. I am fully aware that I need to eat healthier and get my lard butt off the couch more but even when I do these things I have a harder time losing weight so I'm going to see what she can recommend. I've also asked Nate to buy me an ip.od (or some good mp3 player) and he plans on getting W.ii with our tax re.turn.

So in the meantime I'm spreading my baby dust stores to all my friends who can use it.


Elana Kahn said...

I'm sorry. That really stinks. Losing weight can be so difficult, but it can definitely help (it may even bring back normal ovulation). I have no idea how much overweight you are, but you can always talk to your doc about lap-band surgery. I've heard that it works really well. :-) *hugs*

Sarah R said...

I'm sorry, but I wish you luck in your "get healthy" journey! Big hugs to you...

nancy said...

~hugs~ a billion times over.

Cate said...


I would do lap band but I've seen how difficult it is prior to and then after the surgery, the all liquid diet and then if the band is overfilled everything comes back up repeatedly (I worked with the only dr at my hospital that does lap band). Besides I was told it's better to do that after you are done having children then there is no messing with the band due to a pregnancy.

If my PCOS would just let up for say 10 months and I could concieve in that time life would be great lol.