Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The best feeling

The best feeling in the world (next to the way I feel when Lex comes running up to me and gives me kisses after daycare) is how I feel after working out. Now I know the wii isn't going to give me as good of a workout as say going to the gym would but with how out of shape I am (no regular exercise in a good 3-5 years) it definitely helps. The next step is to work on my eating habits as I am totally addicted to sugar and caffeine. Food journal here I come.

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Sarah R said...

Aw, that is a great feeling! I love when I come in the door after getting home from work. He is always there to greet me with a smile, and then I scoop him up and kiss him. He's my lovey-bear.

Glad you get to enjoy the Wiifit! I wish I had something that I could do indoors to exercise. Oh well, spring is just around the corner. Maybe next winter I will have to pick up a Wii so I don't go insane.