Monday, February 23, 2009

I love Wii Fit!

My darling hubby got us a Wii and hunted down a wii fit for me and I love it! I've tried workout video games in the past and haven't been a fan but the wii fit is different in that it can tell how out of balance you are and it checks your weight and does fitness tests every day you use it. I had to laugh at it though because during one of the leg exercises it told me I was a "fitness enthusiast", and anyone who has seen a picture of my round body would know otherwise. I just happen to have pretty strong legs due to all the years of skating. If I could find a sitter for Wednesday nights I would probably hit up the roller derby practices and try to join that but I would want someone to go with me since I get kind of nervous in newer situations.

Our car is currently in the shop for a broken timing belt, it's been there since Friday and we were hoping to get it back today but since the shop closed a half hour ago it's obvious we aren't. So it looks like I'm taking a cab to Lex's daycare and then my work and hopefully we'll have it back by the end of the day so Nate can pick me up after work. If not we have two options, another cab ride or I can take the bus down to Lex's daycare and see if my parents can drop us off (they live 3 blocks from daycare) or do the bus and just use either a stroller or my moby wrap to carry him home if the weather isn't too cold.

I should log off and go cook dinner even if I'm not hungry the boys might be.

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