Friday, October 24, 2008


I've convinced Nate that we should try for another baby! I'm so excited! Now I just hope it won't take as long this time around but we'll see. My doc has told me that when we are ready to start using medications she'll be more than willing to help us out.

I really like Dr Sprengler, today we were discussing my celexa and I mentioned my nervousness in using it while we are ttc'ing because of the whole possibility of using it during early pregnancy so she called over to the OB office to find out what they would recommend if she needed to change it or I could stay on it and they told her it was their number one choice for post-partum depression moms that want to try for another baby. She also took a look in my ears because they've been bothering me for about a month now but when I went and had them looked at again before I was told there was no infection just fluid. When she looked today the eardrums were bulging with fluid but there was no sign of infection, however, she did a tympanometry test and my left eardrum moved like it was supposed to but the right one didn't move at all so she referred me to an ear, nose and throat (ENT) dr. There is a chance I'll need tubes she warned me but if it drains this damn fluid I'll be happy.

I'm still awaiting the results of the job interview, I hope I get the job but if not no loss, I can apply again for the new dr that will be hired this spring. Besides this was probably not a good week for me to interview... the day I interviewed I had a significant exposure (aka needle stick). I was giving immunizations and the baby moved and I tried to activate the needle cover to protect the baby and instead got my finger. Thankfully the blood tests the baby had done came back normal so far. I also got my certification papers this week and so I'll be getting a raise soon.


Serendipity Lost said...

Like I said on myspace, congrats on convincing your DH!!! I'm so happy/excited for you! It didn't take as long for me this time around, so hopefully it won't for you either. And good luck on your interview. Hopefully you got the job! Oh, and feel better. :)

nancy said...

oh YAY!!!!! I'm so happy you guys get to start ttc again. Good luck!