Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Favor please

I have a friend I met through DH who is currently in Iraq on her second tour there. She was supposed to be out of the Army a year ago but was prevented from leaving due to her job and rank. While there she rescued a puppy and he has become her life saver (literally, she has suffered from depression horribly while there, I worry about her immensely). She was having this puppy sent home through a program that would have brought him back to Minnesota to live with her parents until she came home in the next year, however, he was confiscated by the military due to a rule that prevents soldiers from befriending animals and now faces almost certain death. Long story short there is now a petition that her family has placed on the internet that will go to commanding officers once it has enough signatures requesting that Ratchet's life be spared and he allowed to be able to come back to the states to wait for her. If you could be so kind as to sign it I know Gwen would be forever grateful and I will be too. TIA!

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Sarah R said...

I signed the petition! How horrible. That is so sad...I hope she gets her dog back! The government never ceases to amaze me.