Sunday, October 5, 2008

Gastroenteritis is no fun

Friday was not a good day. After doing all my running and getting all the stuff for Lex's parties picked up we sat down for a not so healthy lunch of Burger King. Immediately following I started to feel nauseated so I took one of Nate's anti-nausea pills (something I know better than to do without a prescription but I felt awful) and we took a family nap (Nate had to work a double and it was Lex's nap time anyway). When I woke up with Lex two hours later I had to run to the bathroom, everytime I stood up I had to sit back down, it was not a good situation. I could feel myself getting dehydrated and I had some pretty bad abdominal pain so I went to the ER. Got there about 7pm and started throwing up in the waiting room. Since I wasn't high up on the priority list and it was relatively busy I ended up not getting into a room for 3 hours. Once I was in my room the dr came in pretty quick and got an IV with zofran and morphine started for me. I had a CT scan that came back clean (although they said they couldn't see my appendix and they weren't happy that it wasn't done with contrast but I'm allergic to the contrast so I wasn't about to let them inject me with it and add a rash to my GI symptoms). So by 3am when they discharged me I was exhausted still nauseated and ready to go home and go to bed. Nate was working a double so he had to leave right after he picked up my prescriptions for me. Being the sweet hubby he is he called my mom in the morning and asked her to pick up Lex for me so I could get some sleep, it was nice to not worry about him all day and to get the much needed rest. I'm still exhausted and not feeling that great but I'm keeping food down and not having to rush to the bathroom.

Hopefully this week goes well since I have to clean our entire apartment and get ready for his party next weekend. We have one thing done, Lex got his hair cut today and he looks like a boy again instead of girly lol.

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Serendipity Lost said...

Ugh, how awful Cate! I hope you're feeling better by now.