Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Between my chart, my nausea and inability to get to the gym regularly I'm pretty frustrated.

My chart is all wonky. Fertility friend cannot seem to make a decision about when I possibly ovulated first it said cycle day 13 and then 14 and now is back to 13. I don't know that I believe that I actually ovulated but only time will tell.

I'm nauseous yet again. I was feeling pretty good this morning when I woke up and went to the gym. I felt pretty good when I got home and showered, fed Lex and ate breakfast and got the chili started in the slow cooker. I sat down after doing dishes to check boards, read email and blogs and started feeling queasy. I actually got up at one point and was dry heaving in the bathroom. I'm tired of being queasy. I am going to see a doc at my clinic today about the bruises that randomly appear after working out on my back and I may mention that I've been nauseous for almost a week.

I feel awful, except for the workout this morning I hadn't been to the gym in more than a week. How the hell am I going to lose weight if I don't buckle down? I need someone to be accountable to other than myself I think... too bad my gym doesn't offer a personal trainer.

We found out that Nate has obesity-related hepatitis based on his biopsy results. We won't know much more than that until he has his follow-up with Dr. Avello in August.

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