Saturday, June 14, 2008

Changed my mind

After spending a good half hour looking at myself in the mirror earlier trying to get rid of zits and new hairs that shouldn't be there I decided I should probably go back on birth control for the time being. Nate agreed. In addition to the whole narcassistic reasons there is the upcoming move that I really don't want to be pregnant during. I'm very independent and want to do things on my own and if I couldn't help move I would feel awful. It's my crap I should have to move it. That and since we don't know for sure that we'd get a house with 3 bedrooms (or a house in general) now would not be the best time to add to our family. Besides then I can focus on the weight loss and not fertility signs or trying to avoid sex.

Coming up at the end of July is my cousin's bachelorette party and I'm having reservations about it... we are supposed to go to Minneapolis/St. Paul and party it up for a whole weekend but the mommy in me says I shouldn't go because Nate works that whole weekend and I'd need to find a sitter for Lex (not to mention I hate being away from him for more than 10 hours) or at least shouldn't go for the whole weekend. But the part of me that is one of her best friends says I should go get my party on. My mom said I should probably just go down for one of the days and Nate said he could either work from home that weekend or we could drop Lex off at his mom's but I don't know... What would you do if you were in this situation? I'm already turning down staying the night before the wedding with the girls because I know I can get up and get to the salon and then get home and get my boys ready better that way.

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Serendipity Lost said...

Kind of late, but I'd say go and have some fun. It's hard to leave them for long, but once you do, you'll be glad that you did. Even though you're going to miss him like crazy the second you drop him off. Go and take a well deserved break and enjoy a baby free weekend.