Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ups and downs

I feel like I've been on a roller coaster a lot lately and the loop de loops are getting old.

I'll start first with Nate. He's been terribly depressed lately and none of the medication or supplements he's been prescribed have been working. I can't get him out of bed or to help around the house much and it's frustrating me. I just don't know what to do for/with him. I don't feel like talking is getting us anywhere so I'm at a roadblock. I know he says he's trying but I have a hard time seeing it when I'm working so hard to keep the house kept up with a swollen and bruised hand/wrist (had a ganglion cyst removed on 5/6/10 and now I keep overdoing it).

Life with Lex has definitely been interesting lately. We have great days and really awful ones a lot lately. Yesterday he was a doll, we had a rough drop off in the morning but after spending the day in the 18-23 months room (his regular room had too many kids) he came back to me sweet as pie. Miss Lisa had bad news for us though, he won't be moving back to that room until June, they thought they had figured it out to get him back there sooner but due to numbers he'll still be in the 2 year old room. Lisa was very apologetic but it still stinks, I want him to be where he thrives and now we have to hold off on that. We came home and had a quiet dinner and after bath he let me do his brushing protocol, something we haven't been able to do for a while. Bedtime was later than normal but he went down without a battle.

Today we went to the zoo with a few of my friends with work and I can definitely see where he is different than other kids his age. Most of my coworkers' kids are in the 2-4 range and were interacting like crazy. Lex wanted very little to do with them. He was only willing to play with my friend's daughter, probably because she's very cute and pretty quiet compared to all the other kids we were with. I couldn't get him to play or stay out of trouble for anything, any change resulted in a temper tantrum with him kicking and pulling my hair (I will be bald by 30 at this rate). The good thing is since we ate lunch before going to the zoo he came home and took a really good nap, allowing me to take one too.

The 24th we have a meeting to start the transition process to have Lex's therapy be through the school district, I'm nervous as all get out. I know that the school he'll be involved in isn't far from home but I'm worried about how he'll handle the transistions, they are not his strongest suit. I did invite someone from the daycare to join us since they are a huge part of his care team, hopefully someone can make it. My next goal is to get him involved in the local aut.ism treatment and resource center. We have an appointment with his doctor to get the labs done prior to the first appointment at the center. We are also starting a gluten free diet for him in the next couple days. I opted to do just the gluten because he is a big milk drinker and I feel that he needs calcium that milk provides. I just hope I'm doing the right things for him.


MommyP said...

Oh, gosh, Cate, you poor thing! I just want to hug you!!! Lex will do fine. Those teachers are so experienced with kiddos who have transition problems. They may even give you some ideas for things you can do at home and at daycare to help him get ready. He'll do great when he starts what we call "big boy preschool," just wait and see!!

The Farmers Wife said...


Just wanted to let you know that you do an awesome job! I cannot imagine coping with all the challenges you do on a daily basis! I always tell first time mommies the same long as you are putting your heart into your decisions, they will be the right ones.