Sunday, May 23, 2010


I've always been a worrier, I remember worrying when I was a little kid going to kindergarten (I thought I was never going to make friends since my best friends went to a different school) and now I've taken it to a fine art. I guess being Lex's mom has been making me stronger but a bigger worrier at the same time. Tomorrow is Lex's IEP for the transition to the school district. I'm more worried about this than I was his initial IEP for birth to 3. Nate has to leave for work 15 minutes after the meeting is supposed to start and I'll have a house full of specialists (birth to 3, daycare teachers and school district) and I'm trying to figure out the best goals for Lex but the whole thing may change over the summer since he won't be transitioned over until October when he turns 3. I'm hoping we'll have to change his goals because he'll be further along with speech and behavior. Speaking of behavior we've really hit a wall. He has recently decided Mommy makes a great punching bag and teething ring. My parents gave us a great recommendation that when Nate is home he is supposed to take Lex away from me until he can calm down enough to give me a hug and not hit/bite anymore. The only thing that really stinks is that Nate and I work opposite shifts most of the time so it's just me and Lex most evenings. I try to separate myself when he gets aggressive but I can't just leave him and go into the kitchen (it's gated off to keep him out of trouble) because he typically gets aggressive when I'm trying to keep him out of trouble (most recently opening the gerbil cage and squeezing them). I'm just at a loss because I know he gets the same way when he's at daycare and I want to be able to give them recommendations.

On an up note he will be moving back to the 18-23 month room on Tuesday for sure. I hope this will help cure some of the problems he has at daycare.

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