Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Taking every day

I'm trying really hard to take every day as it comes right now and it's really difficult for me. We are still waiting for Autism results from Lex's speech therapist, he was supposed to have them a week ago but the test took longer than he anticipated to grade and then we were supposed to get them on Monday but he canceled Lex's therapy due to a dentist appointment. And while this makes me mad I'm more upset that Lex hasn't had speech therapy in three weeks (he didn't have it the week we did the Autism test, the week after we had a meeting with all the therapists and now this week). Next Monday is his sedated hearing test and I'm nervous as all heck that Monday I will get slammed with "bad" news. I don't really view it as bad that he may be on the Autism spectrum and have limited hearing but just as another hurdle that we'll have to leap.

It probably doesn't help that my little angel has been more of a devil than anything right now and I just want to put him to bed the instant he gets home from daycare just to keep him out of things. The kicker is he knows he's being naughty because as soon as I finish punishing him he's right back to what he was doing with a great big smile on his face. This weekend I thought his extra naughty nature was just due to him running a fever all weekend and feeling like crap but Sunday when the fever broke the naughtiness just continued. Time outs and distractions are just not cutting it so I'm at a loss.

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Sarah R said...

I'll be thinking of you and Lex as you await the results!

If this helps any, Andrew has been pretty naughty lately too. My mom said it's because he's smart and he gets bored and likes to push the limits. That could very well be the case with Lex. :)

Good luck with the hearing test! Try to stay positive.