Tuesday, January 5, 2010

When it rains it pours

Please don't take this as a "poor me" post as that's not what I've meant it to be but I just need to vent some frustrations and what better place than my own blog?

We'll start with yesterday. I went to my doctor's office in the morning to have some moles evaluated and on my home my car started to act up, it smoked a little and the battery light kicked on. I was hoping that it would last until Friday so Nate could take it to the shop and be checked over.

Lex's speech therapist asked us at the end of the session if he could test Lex for Autism next Monday when he comes to see Lex. And while I know that it won't change Lex it'll just give him more help through the Birth to 3 program it was incredibly hard to hear that my boy could be anything less than perfect.

Today Lex had a follow up hearing test and visit with the ENT after the placement of his tubes. His ears looked great and the tympanogram was perfect. He did not pass the hearing test like we hoped. He did better than last time he did a hearing test but it was not well enough to cancel the sedated test we have scheduled for February first. We may still have another awake test before then but we'll see how the scheduling goes at the ENT/Audiology office.

After the disappointing visit at the ENT office Nate dropped me off at work and on his way home with Lex our car died. The power went off and he didn't even make it off the highway. Thankfully some kind soul pulled over when he saw Nate and Lex on the side of the road and gave them a ride to Nate's favorite store where he called my mom and she came to get them and kindly paid for our car to be towed to a shop (we are incredibly lucky to have such wonderful parents who understand we couldn't pay for it between Nate's loss of employment and my payday not being until Friday). The shop found the problem relatively quickly, the alternator we replaced 3 months ago froze up and needs to be replaced. The silver lining is the part is under warranty and the shop can replace it for just the cost of labor.

With all this stress and some anxiety about Lex's future (I know better than to worry but I can't help it) I have decided that when I see my doc to have two moles removed I may ask him about an antidepressant as I suspect that's the source of my insomnia. I may have to ask him about something for my neck/shoulders too since I carried Lex around a lot of today and even with my muscle relaxer and a heat pad they are really sore and generally miserable.

Even with all this I am pretty lucky. My son is healthy and happy, I have a wonderful family, amazing friends and a husband that loves me. Money can be tight and life can throw me curve balls all it wants I'm still blessed.


MommyP said...

I don't have anything profound to say, or any words of wisdom, but I wanted to send some virtual (((HUGS))).

Oh, ok, I guess I do have something to say. Labels are just words, and they aren't people.

Sarah R said...

I just want to send you some hugs, Cate...