Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What we know.

Monday was an incredibly busy day that gave us lots of information.

1. Lex needs more sedative than other kids his size to put him out. He got an extra half dose after holding on strong for 45 minutes after the initial dose.
2. Waking up a kid under that much sedation is not easy and can induce vomiting (the first time in his life).
3. Watching my 2 year old try to walk after sedation (3 hours after he woke up, 5-6 hours after they gave him the second dose) is hilarious and nerve wracking at the same time.
4. My son can hear! He passed the test with just a minor deficit in the lower decibels that is common with kids with tubes.
5. Upon approval from his doctor Lex will be diagnosed with a mild form of Autism. Lex's speech therapist has to write up his report from the test and send it to the doctor. I fully expect that she will sign off on the diagnosis. We plan on discussing it tomorrow when Lex sees her for his tonsils being swollen. (Besides that I work with her and I know how she is when it comes to diagnosis and orders).
6. Expecting the worst and not getting all bad news pays off, it made Monday come much easier. I amazingly held it together when the speech therapist told us the results of the Autism screen. I think it's because I had a huge meltdown once Lex was sedated and he was hooked up to all the wires... that made me nuts. I also had my suspicions about him being Autistic so I wasn't totally shocked.
7. We are doing all the right things to get Lex on track to being similar to other kids and we have been for several months.


Sarah R said...

*Hugs* I am glad you got some answers, hon.

the mol said...

I bet it feels better to at least have some answers, and now that you know, you'll all do what you need to do.

If ever you need people to talk to about having little ones who are autistic, I can hook you up.