Monday, December 7, 2009

They're in

Lex got his tubes in without complication this morning. He was very mad at me for not giving him anything to eat or drink but when he did get to eat and got some juice he was very happy. He honestly doesn't seem like he had surgery today, other than us pissing him off to put the ear drops in he's his normal self. He and I are still staying home tomorrow just in case tonight is rough but overall the day has gone well.

I was amazed at how fast everything went. His surgery nurse came and got him, Lex waved bye and me and my mother in law went down to wait in the family waiting room. I watched one "article" on the Dr's and the surgeon appeared. He said Lex did great, there was more fluid behind his right eardrum than his left but he had high hopes that when the inflammation goes down Lex will be able to hear. We have a follow up appointment in one month to test his hearing and see the ENT and hopefully they'll clear us with the exception of checking on his tubes down the road.

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nancy said...


I remember being so surprised how quickly it went too. I'm glad it was the same experience for you.