Thursday, December 17, 2009

Leaps and bounds

It's now been almost 2 weeks since Lex's tubes were placed and his vocabulary and babbling has grown. I never tired of hearing him "talk" even if it doesn't make any sense. He floored Nate the other day. Nate asked Lex where I was while they were waiting for me to pick them up at the daycare and Lex turned, pointed out the window and said "out there". He has also spontaneously said car in the past few days.

Tonight was our last night at Interact through one of the local colleges and they said they were surprised by how much babble is coming out of Lex now and that you can tell the tubes helped a lot.

Our next step is to get that hearing test done in early January and go from there, but now I have very little doubt that my son can hear.


D said...

That's awesome!!! Go little man! Keep on talking Lex!

Sarah R said...

That's great news!

the mol said...

That's so fantastic--I'm glad that you seem to have found some easy answers! I hope that he continues to keep on talking.