Thursday, December 24, 2009


As you may or may not know I have two little brothers, K and M, that I've been very close to my entire life (there is only a 3 year 5 month difference between me and M with K in the middle). They are both members of the military, K in the National Guard and M in the Air Force. This is the first Christmas that neither of my brothers were able to come home for. See K is currently serving a tour in Afghanistan and M is stationed in Missouri. M has missed the last few Christmases because he doesn't get leave this time of year but K has been home so this year without both of them is really hitting me pretty hard. I'm blessed to have my son, husband and parents near by but it feels odd without them here causing trouble at the Christmas celebrations. What I wouldn't give to have them home...

And then...

Come Monday morning my lifelong best friend will be moving to North Carolina with her husband. My cousin has been my best friend for as long as I can remember even when she was living with her dad across the country. People use to think she was our little sister because she was always with me and my brothers and I guess I always felt like she was my sister so to be losing the local connection with her is hard for me too. I know this won't be an easy move for her and her hubby so I hope for nothing but the best for them and that all their dreams come true.

I really shouldn't be so down this holiday season since I'm blessed to have a loving family, great friends and so much to be happy about but just thinking about my brothers and cousin makes me a little bummed.

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Sarah R said...

Just catching up with posts now, so sorry I'm late to this. I'm sad your brothers couldn't be home for Christmas. :( Hopefully it's not too long before you can all be together again.

I'm sorry to hear your BFF/cousin is moving too.