Monday, October 5, 2009


  • Cold baby feet snuggling into my side.
  • An excuse to watch Horton Hears A Who a dozen times a week.
  • The best wild giggles at random times of the day.
  • Hugs and slobbery kisses, raspberries and tickles.
  • A shopping pal that rarely complains.
  • A reason to play with every noise making toy in a store.
  • Running down the street chasing a little boy headed for a park.
  • A million reasons a day to take pictures.
  • The cutest 7:30am alarm clock money can't buy.
  • A husband who goes out of his way to spoil me.
  • A family that would move mountains for me.
  • Two amazing brothers that while they don't live close are still my closest friends.
  • A beautiful cousin who has been my best friend for years.
  • Friends by the handful with supportive words, thoughts and love.


Sarah R said...

Best post ever!! Love it... ♥

Sarah R said...

I tagged you on my blog!