Sunday, November 9, 2008

Operation get pregnant

Since Nate is on board to get preggers and I already know I'm pretty much back on the annovulatory bandwagon (my friends on facebook should check out the infertility cause I started) I'm scheming ways to hopefully get me pregnant before Lex's second birthday.

The first is the herbal route. I bought this tea called Fertilitea which contains vitex, red raspberry leaf, green tea, ladies mantle and nettle leaf. I'm also taking evening primrose oil in addition to my multivitamin (I can't swallow the prenatal vitamins without gagging so I take two chewable centrum) and calcium. I drink the tea 2-3 times a day and take 3 epo capsules.

The second is exercise. The only way to control PCOS aside from medication is diet and exercise. So I've made the decision that I really need to start exercising regularly. Right now the plan is to put Lex to bed at night and bust out the work out tapes on nights Nate works. On nights he's home I'll either attempt to make it up to the gym at the hospital or at the very least do yoga in the mornings.

The third plan is changing my diet. I am addicted to candy and sugar. I literally crave it all day every day so I need to limit the amount I intake. Not to mention the carbs I love so much (as I type this I'm chowing down on graham crackers). I need to become good friends with protein.

The fourth is getting some assistance from my doctor. I will ask her when I see her in a couple weeks about checking my hemoglobin a1c, random glucose, follicle stimulating hormone, lutenizing hormone, testosterone, and progesterone. Then if we can rationalize starting some sort of medication for my PCOS (thinking like metformin ... although I would prefer actos) we can get that started. Or heck she may refer me to an endocrinologist to see what he can recommend.

All in all I hope it doesn't take until Lex's 5th birthday to concieve another child.


Sarah R said...

My fingers are crossed for you that it happens soon! It sounds like you have a great plan in mind.

nancy said...

I sure hope you get lucky and get preggo fast! What did it take for Lex?

Cate said...

For Lex we did a year of fertility treatments that ended in one loss. Then we decided to tab for a year so I could go to school and wouldn't ya know it I ovulated late in my cycle (cd37) and we were so lucky as to catch it.