Monday, October 26, 2009

Good days and bad days

We've been having some good days here lately. Lex had his second birthday party and he loved it. We had several little boys running around our little apartment and playing together, it was so cute. We also had a conference with Lex's daycare teachers and it went wonderfully. His teachers told us how fun he is to have in class and how much they enjoy having David, Lex's speech therapist, come in to work with Lex, them and the other kids in his class. They have worked it out with the director of the center so that until Lex has caught up to other kids his age he'll stay in the 18-23 months class. His teachers also told me they are writing down every word they hear him say to share with us and David, last week he said "nice" which made me very excited, this was in addition to the word "down". He's been trying to say go, which comes out gah but I know what he's saying.

We had a drive by here the day before Lex's birthday party, luckily none of us were home and the guy who shot at my neighbor has since been arrested. But since then I haven't felt safe in my home and I am looking for a place for us to move. There is one place I'm interested in moving us to but the bad news with that place would require us to find homes for two of our three cats. I know Lex's safety comes first but I love my kitties so it's tough.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Two years

This time two years ago I was getting my first dose of pitocin in hopes it would speed up the arrival of Lex. The last two years have had their trying times (reflux, middle of the night feedings, his refusal to latch) and amazing times (watching my son grow, his first steps across the apartment, everyday he smiles at me). I wouldn't change a thing about these last two years. I admit sometimes I'm envious of mom's who have kiddos that talk but you know what, he'll get there and I'll look back at these days and wonder what my hurry was. Tomorrow morning when I kiss him before I head to work I'll have a two year old, how'd that happen?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's the little things

Tonight Lex amazed me. If you spend any time with my boy you find out that he's pretty independent but tonight we had a step in the other direction. There was a john.s cookie sitting on our kitchen table from last night, since he didn't want it then, and he grabbed it and rather than banging it on the floor or table to try to get it open himself he walked over to me and handed it to me and signed "more". While this isn't the sign we are trying to teach him for "help" it's still a sign that he's asking for something. I was almost in tears when he did this because he never asks for anything except more food or more movies. I feel like speech therapy is finally paying off.

Monday, October 5, 2009


  • Cold baby feet snuggling into my side.
  • An excuse to watch Horton Hears A Who a dozen times a week.
  • The best wild giggles at random times of the day.
  • Hugs and slobbery kisses, raspberries and tickles.
  • A shopping pal that rarely complains.
  • A reason to play with every noise making toy in a store.
  • Running down the street chasing a little boy headed for a park.
  • A million reasons a day to take pictures.
  • The cutest 7:30am alarm clock money can't buy.
  • A husband who goes out of his way to spoil me.
  • A family that would move mountains for me.
  • Two amazing brothers that while they don't live close are still my closest friends.
  • A beautiful cousin who has been my best friend for years.
  • Friends by the handful with supportive words, thoughts and love.