Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Long long days

I'm going to have some seriously long days coming up. I'm working at my "home" clinic this week learning urgent care up there and to cover for one of the clinical assistants. I'll end up with just shy of 40 hours in the 4 days I'm up there. And then I come home to do housework. I'll admit Nate's been better at helping but there are days when I still come home and dread walking in the door because I know I'll find a mess, or a baby that is crabby and still in yesterday's clothes or last night's jammies. I know they don't go out during the day for the most part but still he should be put in a clean onesie.

I'm kind of annoyed. Nate called the endocrinology office for me to see if I could get an appointment and they only see patients on referral... okay that's all well and good but the doc that would be doing the referring will not be the doc recieving the results. I want to discuss with a physician what I can do about my pcos and actually have that doc know what pcos is. Also someone who may pay more attention to my prediabetes and subclinical hypothyroidism as related to my pcos. I'll have to discuss with Dr. Vick about getting me the referral next week when I see her. Hopefully she'll be willing to do that even though I don't know who my new doc will be... I have a few options but I'm not sure who I want to chose. I kind of look at it as who would I want to come see me when I have my next baby (not likely to deliver since it would be a c-section) and who I feel comfortable with taking over Lex's care.

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nancy said...

why on earth wouldn't they see someone without a referral? There are so many insurances that don't require it, so why would they?

Arg. Here's to hoping you get one!