Friday, May 30, 2008

Bring on Aunt Flo

I'm so tired of this cycle. I'm on cycle day 68 and I've started progesterone supplements but based on my chart they haven't really been working (no temp jump when it was expected). I'm almost tempted to go back on birth control. The only thing stopping me is wanting to see the endocrinologist and I'm sure that will entail some blood tests to check hormone levels.

Why can't my body just work the way it's supposed to? You'd think after 12 or so years of scanty periods, hair growing where I don't want it to and then 6 years of fighting with my weight I'd be used to this but it's so damn frustrating. All I want is to ovulate and have normal periods like normal women do. I don't even necessarily want to conceive now (I do but know we have to wait for a while for our finances to balance out and Nate to complete some of his education) but knowing that things work would make me feel better.

I feel like such a bitch complaining about this when I have friends who haven't conceived yet and are awaiting that blessed child but sometimes I just need to have these feelings come out because otherwise I will spend my "alone" time crying over my broken pituitary gland (I assume it's broken because I'm prediabetic and subclinical hypothyroid in addition to the pcos).

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