Monday, March 30, 2009

Tomorrow's the day

I am excited and nervous for my surgery tomorrow. Excited because I've been told after I heal that I'll be able to breathe through both nostrils and nervous because it's another surgery and I hate the feeling general anesthesia leaves me with. The missing time feeling bugs me. I'm also a little nervous about the healing process and pain but my dr assured me that I'll be alright, especially when he found out I left early after my last two surgeries (went home same day after my gall bladder and a day early after the c-section). I also don't like having to depend on others during my healing process. My mother in law is coming up to help take care of Lex while Nate is at work and school and to drive me tomorrow since Nate is at school.

My big concern is Lex's behavior. We are working so hard to get him to behave and I'm worried that my down time will screw it up. His new favorite thing is to climb on top of tables. This concerns me because he fell off one in the living room and hurt himself and now he insists on climbing on the kitchen table and I can just imagine him falling off that and what kind of damage would result. Time out is sort of working, sometimes he comes back and is helpful and nice other times he goes right back to what he was doing that put him in time out. I think a big part of our problem is that he doesn't talk much (mama, dada, yay, kah/cat and sometimes nana) so he can't tell us what he's feeling. I know another one of our problems is that Nate and I have different views about "rules". I think it's fine for him to climb up on the kitchen chairs if he sits down or I'm around to make sure he doesn't fall off, where Nate says no climbing on the kitchen chairs. I'm also a stickler for keeping him in time out no longer than a minute and Nate doesn't really keep track and if Lex does something bad while he's in time out he extends it. We are making progress when he throws things on the floor, I pick them up and make him put them back.


Sarah R said...

Good luck with your surgery, Cate! I'll be thinking of you.

I know what you mean about the rules thing. I always worry when someone else is watching him. Thankfully, DH and I are mostly on the same page, with me being slightly more of a softie.

Shauna said...

Good luck Cate! You'll feel so much better once you heal up.

Matt's new thing is wanting to climb up on the table/chairs also. That's a no no in our house, just because I can't keep my eye on him all the time, and what if he fell off or something, you know? Repetition is the key in toddler discipline. And both you and Nate have to be on the same page. Lex won't get it if it's ok one time, and not another, you know? Good luck!