Monday, January 26, 2009

No Good News

I tested this morning and the first test was a dud, no lines whatsoever. Second test was negative and spot was there to greet me right away. So I'm on to cycle number two. The difference this next cycle will be having the fertility monitor in order to tell me when to call my doc to do a follie check and possibly a trigger shot. I picked up my meds already so I'm just waiting for AF and my fertility monitor sticks (that were ordered two weeks ago and still haven't arrived... grrr).

My grandfather passed away on Saturday morning. This was a big shock. He went into the hospital a few days earlier and was put in ICU, he was moved to hospice Friday. Last I heard they were still unsure of why he died, could have been a massive infection or leukemia. Tomorrow is the wake and I'll be able to go to that since my aunt is watching Lex. Wednesday is the funeral and because my dcp has flaked on us yet again I won't be able to attend that.

Today was supposed to be my day "off". No Lex, no housework, the only thing I had to do was my sinus CT scan this afternoon. Lex was at daycare for all of 2 hours before our daycare lady called. Her fridge was broken and she had to close. She called me tonight to let me know she won't be open tomorrow because she still won't have a fridge and to tell me she sprained her rotator cuff and isn't supposed to do any lifting for a few days, she proceeds to tell me how she's on flexeril and darvocet. Like I'm going to want my son there while she's on darvocet, hell I don't watch Lex alone when I'm on darvocet let alone him and 7 other kids. This is not the first time she has flaked on us. I would say we are upwards of 10 days since Lex started there 3 1/2 months ago. We are in the market for a new daycare but no luck.

I think when Lex goes to bed I may have to curl up and cry for a while...


Sarah R said...

Lots and lots of hugs coming your way. I'm sorry you've had such a bad run of luck.

Sarah R said...

By the way, thanks for your nice comment. I don't think I need you to make a trip down here, but the offer is nice! I would LOVE to meet you in person sometime. Maybe this summer when it's warmer out?

Or, we may make a trip to the Duluth area once it's warmer too. We could always stop by for a visit.

I am doing much better this week than last. Every day gets a little easier. :)

nancy said...

Oh hun, I'm so sorry for your loss. ~hugs~

And sorry for your first cycle not working.